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Icon of the Year voting is still going on!

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Title: Paris
Fandom: The Musketeers, The Originals
Rating: G
Pairings: None, although there might be some subtext (it is me that's writing this, after all).
Summary: Klaus Mikaelson meets an interesting boy in 17th century Paris.
A/N. I am fully aware that trousers in the early 1600s wouldn't have had pockets, but just go with it for the story.
If you can accept vampires, we can bring the invention of pockets up by 100 years surely!

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I need a little help

Icon of the Year voting is still going on over @ musketeerstills

I NEED more votes!!




Please vote in all three polls, thank you!! :D

2016 The Musketeers Big Bang

Hey there! In case you haven't see it yet, do drop by The Musketeers Big Bang site, here at Livejournal. All of the 8 stories have been posted, with art and amazing tales to share :)

Icons & Magazine Cover

20 Icons (Aramis/Athos) for musketeerstills (here)
10 Icons (Athos) for character_draw (here)
1 Magazine Cover (Athos) (here)


Howard Charles' birthday

For anyone who isn't on the FB pages for The Musketeers or Porthos, we are setting up a GroupCard for Howard Charles' birthday on September 6th, The card is available to sign at the link below, and will close on August 28th so we can get it printed on a poster and sent out to his agent.


Feel free to share this around on your own social media but PLEASE don't tag Howard in anything as we want it to be a surprise. 

Cosplay? Good costume resources?

Hi, I hope I'm allowed to post this but can anyone point me towards good costume resources for series 3 characters?

I'm planning a female version of Aramis, (and also perhaps female feron (or milady)-so goodie and baddie).
Its mainly screen shots - and a few pointers in what would make it read as the right character although its a rule 63 version) I'm after. I'm a bit of a historical costume fan so I can find most patterns.

Example of costume ideas behind the cutCollapse )
I might have totally missed existing goodies for this show for so far i found nothing (DVD don't count, neither does the original book). Well, there's two card with a picture of Treville and his family moto signed by Hugo Speers but that's not very satisfying.
All the more when I'm into figurine and jointed doll (momoko and BJD)... I would just love a nice figurine of Beloved Captain Minister Regent Treville !

Of course, one thing i would totally love too would be a complete biography of my favorite character.
Any chance we could have a spin off centered on Treville before season 1 ?
Or on Treville and Richelieu's arguing (problem being that Capaldi is currently playing the Doctor in UK, a bit far away from Musketeers' filming) ? *bambieye*

Treville - Ranting and denial

I haven't seen this season yet, too afraid of wether or not i would be disappointed with what the writers would do to our Beloved Captain Minister.
I still saw his final and the final of the serie.
[Spoiler (click to open)]I am in DENIAL as to his death ! Never happended and not gonna happen ever ! Eventhough he probably died as he would have wanted, protecting King, France and as a soldier, it was far too soon.
Plus i'm sure they (the writers) killed him only so the Queen and Aramis could be together.
Grumpf !

Wanted him to have a romance, someone, not being all alone with everything on his shoulder.

Snif, poor Treville. :'(

Episode 10 - We Are The Garrison

Well this is it, your post for the last ever episode! 9pm tonight. *sniffles*


Episode 9 - The Prize

Post for tonight's penultimate ep! 8.30 BST.


Episode 8 - Prisoners of War

Post for tonight's ep!

Also, it looks like ep 9 will be next Saturday 30th at 8.30pm, then ep 10 right after on Monday 1st Aug at 9pm. I have no idea why (is it the olympics?), other than the BBC obviously couldn't resist one last burst of fuckery.


Episode 7 - Fool's Gold

Post for tonight's episode, Fool's Gold. (I won't be around as I have to go to a birthday party, but enjoy!)


Episode 6 - Death Of A Hero

Post for tonight's episode, 8.30 pm BST. (I won't be around tonight, but enjoy!)

Episode 5 - To Play The King

In the BBC broadcast lottery, apparently this week we are on tonight at 8.30


Episode 4 - The Queen's Diamonds

Post for tonight's episode, 8.30BST on BBC1!


Episode 3 - Brothers In Arms

Episode three! Tonight! 9pm! I think! Who knows at this point?!


Episode 2 - The Hunger

Barring last-minute fuckery, series 3 episode 2 should finally be shown at 8.30pm tonight!


The BBC are at it again

So apparently tonight's BBC showing of episode 2 has been cancelled - not so the BBC can screen a Muhammad Ali tribute documentary, which is going out at 9.30, but so they can still screen f*cking Casualty, which is now going out in what this week should have been the Musketeers' 8.30 slot. *headdesk*




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