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Episode 3 - Brothers In Arms

Episode three! Tonight! 9pm! I think! Who knows at this point?!


Episode 2 - The Hunger

Barring last-minute fuckery, series 3 episode 2 should finally be shown at 8.30pm tonight!


The BBC are at it again

So apparently tonight's BBC showing of episode 2 has been cancelled - not so the BBC can screen a Muhammad Ali tribute documentary, which is going out at 9.30, but so they can still screen f*cking Casualty, which is now going out in what this week should have been the Musketeers' 8.30 slot. *headdesk*



S2 rewatch - Ep 10 Trial And Punishment

*runs in* here's the post for tonight's 8pm GMT+1 rewatch!

I think our lovely mod is away at the moment, but I wondered if anyone fancies using this thread for a live watch of Series 3 episode 1, showing on BBC tonight at 9.30?

If so, do drop in!

This is Living

I saw Tamla Kari in This is Living at the Trafalgar Studios last night. I was very impressed. It's a really emotional piece and she was great in it, as well as being wet through for the whole play. I don't think it's got a long run, so it's worth getting to see if you can!

S2 rewatch - Ep 9 The Accused

Post for tonight's 8pm GMT+1 rewatch.

As previously, please no discussion of S3 in this thread.


s3 BBC air date

The Musketeers series 3 is going to be broadcast on BBC starting Saturdy the 28th of May, at 9:30pm.


S2 rewatch - Ep 8 The Prodigal Father

Post for tonight's 8pm rewatch.

As before, please no discussion of series 3 on this thread, thanks.


The Musketeers on Hulu

Hi all!

Not sure how many Americans are in this group, but in case you didn't hear, all three seasons of The Musketeers are now on Hulu in the US as of this morning! Yes, all of season 3 is there! And the first episode of s3 is 59 minutes, so it looks like they're all there in full as well :D

You do have to have a Hulu Plus subscription to watch it, but you can get a week free trial.

Just wanted to pass the info along for anyone who missed it.

Official s3 promo video

The BBC has released an online video in which the four leads talk about series 3 and how the dynamics between their characters have changed between series. Beware of plot spoilers (for the first episode as far as I can tell).

The Musketeers 3x06 Livestream

Starts in an hour (6:35pm GMT+1). You can find a stream of the channel here.
Since suzie_shooter isn't around tonight, I thought I'd quickly make a post for today's rewatch. Starting 8pm GMT+1

Sunday's rewatch

Just a note to say I'm off on holiday for a week from today, so won't be around on Sunday to put the re-watch post up, if there are any volunteers to stick one up instead - or you can just use this one!


Series 2 Rewatch - Ep 5 The Return

Post for tonight's rewatch, 8pm BST.

As before, please don't make any reference to anything from S3 in this thread.


Series 2 Rewatch - Ep 4 Emilie

Post for tonight's re-watch, 8pm!

(as before, please don't make any reference to anything from S3 in this thread, thanks!)


BBC TM S3:E1 Live Streaming


Hope I'm reading this right! I'm gonna be very disappointed if I'm at my computer at 12:40 p.m. on Saturday and it doesn't work


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